Moss provides various types and sizes of augers that can be provided for any of your process applications. Horizontal, vertical or inclined augers are provided with all required drives and components and meet CEMA construction for screw diameters of 6, 9, 12, 14 & 16 inches. The augers are manufactured in three designs.
o Normal Duty - Usually for non-abrasive materials with up to 45% trough loading
o Heavy Duty - For abrasive or non-abrasive material with up to 30% trough loading
o Extra Heavy Duty - Built for applications where special metals or coatings are not required

  • Package pricing is provided in order to meet timely customer response
  • Basic unit modules eliminates bothersome component pricing accumulation
  • Screws and inside troughs are unpainted.
  • Full pitch screws intended for control feed are provided with no bare pipe for discharge
  • All components are manufactured of mild steel except for hanger bearings.
  • Augers are shipped ready to assemble with bolts