Does your wood fired boiler perform at capacity? Does it smoke? Is the local air regulatory agency sending letters to your company because of complaints? Does your boiler provide you with the turndown that is required for your process steam load? Most of all, is it safe to operate? Or does it just generally not perform, as it should?

If any of these conditions occur, you may need a combustion chamber/control system retrofit! At Moss, we can provide you with the most up to date retrofit available for wood fired boilers. Moss specializes in converting old, tired, inefficient and smoking boilers into fine running machines! We will provide an internal engineering study to determine what modifications are required to maximize your systems steam capabilities while minimizing your emissions output. We always take into consideration your local air quality regulations when analyzing your equipment's capabilities.

Does your boiler combustion chamber look like this?

So why spend a lot more money to buy a new system when you can modify your existing equipment and let your dollars work more efficiently for your company in other areas. If you don't need more steam, why not retrofit your existing system? Retrofits can be designed to eliminate your boiler room operators by automating all of the required functions (how much money will that save a year?).

I think this wood boiler system needs a Moss retrofit!!!!!

Some of our retrofit services are as follows:
PLC combustion controls with variable frequency drives
New underfire/overfire air fans
Firebox refractory replacement
Fuel handling and storage equipment with automation controls
Pressure vessel repair or replacement
Grate modifications or replacements
Modifications to combustion system overfire air delivery system
Mechanical collectors and breeching modifications or replacement
Structural steel/ductwork/stack modifications
Air to air combustion preheater system

We specialize in retrofitting Northfab, Converta-Kiln, Industrial Boiler and old HRT type boilers.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free system review and analysis and provide you with our recommendations for your facility.