The Detroit Stoker Corporation RotoGrate stoker is a continuous ash discharge, traveling grate spreader stoker that is capable of burning a broad range of fuel applications. Moss uses this combustion system in our packaged hybrid, CP and A type boilers and our field erected CD cross drum watertube boiler system. Detroit Stoker is recognized worldwide for its efficiency in generating steam and power from coal and refuse and also from a spectrum of biomass and waste fuels ranging from low ash poultry litter to high ash coal. The RotoGrate stoker features a forward-moving, traveling grate that continuously discharges ash into an automatic ash handling system. This system is provided with specially designed high-resistance grates for spreader firing and is available in a choice of materials to suit specific installation requirements.

The RotoGrate stoker system is ideally suited for fuels producing troublesome high ash or low fusion. The grate system employs a unique hinged bar design that permits the individual grate bars to open at the lower portion of the catenary to discharge siftings and facilitate air flow to the fuel bed. The catenary design provides automatic take-up or tensioning of grate chains to prevent jamming. The Detroit Stoker RotoGrate design provides effective and automatic air seals providing accurate control of air flow to the grate surface. Excellent combustion/emissions control is maintained by a carefully designed high-pressure overfire air turbulence system. Thorough mixing of the fuel gases and combustion air high in the furnace provides effective staged combustion, which is an important factor in controlling nitrous oxide emissions. Precise monitoring of the grate temperature is achieved through thermocouple assemblies.

Detroit Stoker Rotograte Combustion System